What risks do you currently insure? Do you own an annuity, and/or do you own life, disability, long term care or property and casualty insurance?

Are your current policies the most cost-efficient and appropriate to your situation, along with your and your family’s long term objectives?

Have you considered insurance for estate planning purposes?

Some of our clients need additional coverage; many others already have policies in place and want to understand whether or not those existing policies are appropriate to their goals. Regardless of which situation you are in, we will perform a comprehensive review to determine if you have adequate coverage at a reasonable price.

We feel strongly about providing you with unbiased insurance advice; we do not sell insurance, nor do we collect any referral fees should you increase or change your policies as a result of our advice.

Other Liabilities

Insurance is only one component of protecting your family’s assets. Practices such as thoughtful declaration of asset ownership and the creation of trusts are important tools in safeguarding your family’s wealth. Read more about our trusts & estate planning approach.