Client Reporting

Do you feel organized with respect to your finances?
Are you able to track your performance across all of your accounts and holdings?
How much time do you spend gathering tax information each year?

We have created comprehensive reporting services to simplify and better organize your financial situation and your tax season experience. You can opt for ‘paperless’ delivery on all of these reports and access via our secure web portal.

Monthly Statement Highlights:

  • Comprehensive statement that reports on all of your accounts, not just those that we manage directly
  • Asset allocation & time-weighted performance versus standard industry benchmarks
  • Income summary that includes realized income, as well as projected income over the next twelve months
  • A summary of contributions, withdrawals, transfers, income and expenses, and taxes withheld across all accounts in a portfolio
  • Asset allocation and performance detail for accounts, by tax type, to ensure proper asset location

Tax Package Includes:

  • An estimated tax report delivered before year end to assist with end of year tax planning decisions
  • Summary & detailed reports with gain/loss, income, distributions, contributions, withdrawals, and management fees
  • Custodian 1099s for accounts that we manage
  • Charitable contribution summaries for any contributions from accounts in our system
  • Municipal bond detail report that details interest income by issuer state

Web Portal Highlights:

  • Highly secure third-party system
  • Automated notification upon delivery of monthly statements and tax package information
  • Keeps a record of historical statements and tax packages
  • Ability to grant access to tax information directly to your tax preparer