Our Wealth Management Approach

Sontag Advisory’s mission is to help you achieve your goals. We employ a personalized, consultative wealth management approach to assessing client needs and delivering objective, professional advice.

An Evolving Relationship

A successful relationship depends upon open and timely communication from both sides. Learn more about how we work together.

Everything Relates to Your Goals

All of our decisions will consider the impact on your ability to meet your goals. Therefore, we undertake a thorough assessment of your ‘financial life’ as the framework for the advice we provide and the investment decisions we make on your behalf.

Your Values Matter

We understand that there are situations where investment decisions are driven by factors other than expected risk and return, as is the case with socially responsible & sustainable investing (SRI/ESG).  Our investment committee has conducted extensive research in order to select the strategies that we feel represent the best of the socially responsible and sustainable investing space and allow for customization according to clients’ personal values.

You Are Not A Machine

Our financial advising team often provide ‘financial counseling’ to respond to our clients’ different motivations, needs and concerns. We very much believe in behavioral finance; not every problem has a textbook solution. We incorporate this understanding into our client education, planning, and investment process.

Education & Explanation

We want you to feel in control, aware, and organized with respect to your current financial situation and future plan. Education is key in reaching this goal. After working with us, you should have a solid understanding of important financial principles and concepts.

Our value for education exists for both our clients as well as our team. We encourage all staff to take advantage of our strong continuing education program.